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Home to the original tasty cheeseballs........Niksnacks!!!

NikSnacks 20g

Perfect for the kids in your school and at home

Niksnacks 50g

Who said the grown ups were left out?

Watch a movie ,a football game or just chill with this pack in your hand

Niksnacks Jar (145g)

For every body, for every occasion, for every time.

Keep a jar around.

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We are sensitive and responsive to our clients’ needs and are devoted to their satisfaction. We strive to be fair, honest, courteous and professional in all our dealings.


We maintain an open-door policy at all times, encouraging the flow of communication, the exchange of ideas, creativity and self-esteem in the work place.


We at Combination Industries acknowledge our responsibilities to the community in which we are located. By our leadership and active participation in community affairs, as well as our economic vitality and the quality of our products and services, we can greatly contribute to enhancing the communities of which we are a part. We are committed to excellence in every way, in our work ethics, in the products we produce and in our relationships with our consumers, employees, industries and communities. An example of our Social Responsibility programme was our recent assistance to the Tulsi Chanrai Association in conducting corrective eye surgery for 40 children from our local Cross River State. Promotional support was also given to the 6th Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race, and the Company sponsors the Calabar Carnival. Both events enhance the area as a magnet for tourism and thus provide revenue for the region as well as being popular with local people.

Game of the day



Start Cell : 104
Clue : Associated with military rule, a coup
Ans : junta


Start Cell : 78
Clue : the greatest of all emotions
Ans : evol