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About Combination Industries

Combination Industries pioneered production in Nigeria’s Premier Export Processing Zone – the Calabar Export Processing Zone – under NEPZA in  November 1997 .
With the able guidance of their principal’s company Geekay International Exports, USA, they introduced NikSnacks, a new brand of top-quality snack products (starting with Cheese Balls and Cheezy Tastee Snacks) into Nigeria and the West African continent. Today, the products are very well-known and well-distributed in the Nigerian and West African community.

Our Mission

We, as a team, are highly motivated and dedicated to provide you with the most mouth-watering and delicious cheese snacks in the food industry!  and the industry, give us the strength to provide you with the best quality product.

Our approach to our Customers

Catering to your need is our priority smile on your face. We work with utmost honesty, punctuality and professionalism! Our team is devoted to your satisfaction! We ensure that we do our best to bring a smile in YOUR face!

Available Products

Combination Industries offers a tasty new pair of products to the International market. Children and adults alike love the real cheese on ‘Niksnacks’ Cheese Balls and Cheezy Tastee Snacks.



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Our Social Responsibility

We are extremely particular and sincere When it comes to you the community and our team! Our work ethics and principles lead us in putting the needs of Quality is never compromised upon! We work together to bring joy to as many people as possible!

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